Can you?

Judging by the url of this blog, hopefully it is conveyed that reading/books will be a featured topic here. Sadly, I could think of nothing truly witty to be either a url or a username and so now I have fairly generic ones. Oh well.

Some dance, some run, some shop and others fluff around pruning their Bonsai trees – please trust that I mean no disrespect for these people, as the daughter of two gardeners, I know the work that goes into caring for your plants. But, like many other’s before me, I’m a reader/hopeful writer. With a grandmother who constantly had three books on the go, a father who collects Wilbur Smith novels like they’re going out of fashion, an aunt who is a librarian (the lucky thing) and a sister who, with the help of our parents, had read to/with me since a very young age, I think it’s in the blood.

Honestly, I just can’t get enough of the things! Be it Emily Bronte or Rick Riordan, I’m most likely there. Of course, I have my genre limits – nothing really that scientific, or non-fiction history books. Funnily enough, historic novels, if told from the perspective of a character in the time, are right up my alley. And, I suppose in admittance, time travel isn’t a problem. Nor are younger character perspectives. A prime example is the novel the Puzzle Ring by Kate Forsyth that sees a thirteen year old girl travel back to the time of Mary, Queen of Scots, in order to save the father she never met, with the help of her friends. Young, scientific and historic. I guess that makes my qualms completely invalid, doesn’t it?

The point I was trying to make was that, as they say, a blog should follow something you feel passionate about, and for me, I could think of nothing more influential in my life than reading. And, though my hometown is surprisingly lacking, I know that there are many others like me out there, even if they do only exist on tumblr.

I’ve been bullied for being a reader. I’ve been pressured into reading less and paradoxically reading more. I’ve shed many, many, tears over what social media has harshly pointed out are merely pages full of twenty-six letters scrambled to make endless combinations. So this blog is for us – the dreamers, willing to allow other worlds into our minds and consequently our lives.

Let’s not be ashamed of admitting we love to read. Weren’t we once encouraged to delve into the delightful smelling pages of a paperback/hardback? When did that end? I’m not scared or embarrassed to admit that I am a bookworm. I am proud. And, yes, occasionally, a little smug. Because not many people have the patience nor the will to read a book front to back. It would shock you how many people I know that have read one book in their lifetime.

So let us celebrate. We are the strong contenders. We are the future authors or the future fans. We’ve got this.